(Name is Changeable)

(CV. Yano Yuriko)

The princess of Laarz and also the current ruler of her country. She dislikes humans but her encounter with Regina and the others led her to reconsider her opinion.
Her meeting with Ludovic in Eroolia doesn't stem from romantic reasons and while she has a bad impression of him, Myana cannot hide her continued interest in him.
She loves to sing, and believes that songs have the power to affect people's emotions.



(CV. Roku Aine)

Captain of the Imperial Guards in Eroolia.
He has a frosty demeanor and doesn't talk much, but actually loves cute things and is good at cooking. The more nervous he is, the more he will act cold and frightening. This makes him easily misunderstood by those around him.
Ludovic hates trouble and does things at his own pace, like guarding the king from afar.
Will Myana's song be able to open his heart?



(CV. Megurika Kawanishi)

The heroine from the previous game "How to Fool a Liar King."
She stays in Eroolia now as the inspector from Ozzwa.
This time, she will guide Myana around Eroolia as her best friend.



(CV. Kon)

The king of Eroolia.
He's also the love interest from the previous game "How to Fool a Liar King."
He works hard for the success of the three countries pact, while keeping his relationship with Regina a secret. Because of that, recently, he hardly visits Lilia's bakery.



(CV. Mai Hazuki)

Juli's sister, who is also the princess of Eroolia.
She's known as the genius girl, and now working as the chief assistant at the Royal Research Institute.
People respect her for the many inventions she's developed.
She looks like an angel, yet no one knows her true intentions.



(CV. Ryo Yuasa)

One of Myana's guards.
This time she visits Eroolia together with Myana.
She is not comfortable with the relationship between Myana and Ludovic.



(CV. Taichi Tanukida)

Captain of Eroolia's special military unit, the "Bridge Unit."
He likes to tease Ludovic by calling him the "Black Queen."
He gets along with Leona and helps her on several occasions.

Black Cat


(CV. Zakuroishi)

The black cat who has appeared since "How to Take Off Your Mask."
She is actually a cat with mysterious power, who has looked after Laarz' leaders for generations.
She spoils Myana like her own daughter.



(CV. Mitsuharu Ogura)

Myana's other guard.
Currently, he remains in Laarz, but worries about Myana all
the time.
For some unknown reason, he looks like doesn't want to go to Eroolia.



(CV. Eruru Takeda)

The heroine of "How to Take Off Your Mask".
Part human and part luccretia.
She's been looking forward to meeting Myana.
Like always, she's lovey dovey with Ronan.
She can transform into a cat-eared girl by sneezing.



(CV. Eruru Takeda)

Gao and Aria's son, who is also Lilia's brother.
He still feels awkward and not sure how to behave towards his sister.



(CV. Mato Sarashina)

The love interest from "How to Take Off Your Mask."
This time, he's in charge of guarding the treatment center as a member of the Bridge Unit.
Sometimes, he still shows his childish side only to Lilia, but he's a lot more mature than before.



(CV. Eruru Takeda)

Gao's wife, who is also Lilia and Lio's mother.
She was asleep for a long time because of the "Inadaptability Disease."
Myana is a friend and also like a daughter to her.



(CV. Naoto Takeda)

The current chief commander of Eroolia's military.
He was in Laarz for a long time because of a mission, and finally returned to Eroolia a while ago.
Sadly, because of his job, he's still rarely able to be at home.



(CV. Hisano Numahata)

Lilia's grandmother, who is also Aria's mother.
She worked in the castle as the current king's only maid when she was younger.
She is a strict and kind person.



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